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The Treatment Of Alcoholic Cirrhosis

Alcoholic cirrhosis is a kind of liver diseases with sclerosis of liver cells caused by a long-term excessive drinking. The treatments of alcoholic cirrhosis are mainly concentrated in alcohol abstinence treatment, nutrition therapy, drug treatment and surgery treatment. It's believed that with the advancement of science and technology, we will find more effective treatments.

Patients with alcoholic cirrhosis don't have obvious symptoms in the early stage. But as the disease progresses, patients develop symptoms of fatigue, loss of weight, stomachache, bleeding gums, or even jaundice and lower limb edema. In the liver function decompensation period, patients usually show bleeding, hepatic encephalopathy and other severe complications.


Alcohol Abstinence Treatment.It is the most direct way of treating alcoholic cirrhosis. Alcohol is the primary cause of alcoholic cirrhosis, so alcohol abstinence is the premise of all other treatments. Alcohol abstinence can relieve alcoholic cirrhosis patients' fatigue, increase appetite and obviously decrease the morbidity of liver cancer.

Nutrition Therapy.Patient with alcoholic cirrhosis often have malnutrition in varying degrees. They often lack protein, vitamins, inorganic salt and other nutriments. Malnutrition can affect patients' immune system and decrease their immunity to diseases.

Nutrition therapy support patients with diets high in protein and low fat. Besides, alcoholic cirrhosis patients should supplement various vitamins and inorganic salt. What's more, patients must control the intake of fat, especially for those fat patients. Patients should arrange the nutrition therapy by their own condition.

Drug treatment.The main drugs are oxidation resistance and anti-liver fibrosis drugs. Meanwhile, some ethanol metabolic drugs are necessary as well.

Oxidation resistance drugs: both vitamin E and silymarin can be used to treat alcoholic cirrhosis for a long time.

Anti-liver fibrosis drugs: phosphatidyl choline and YHK. YHK has apparent effects for preventing liver cells from liver fibrosis, recovering liver cells and liver function.

Surgery treatment.For patients with severe alcoholic cirrhosis, liver transplant should be taken into consideration. Before receiving liver transplant surgery, patients should stop drinking for at least six months and do a overall body checkup. If patients have severe complications, they cannot receive liver transplant surgery.

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