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Can Staying up Late Lead to Liver Cirrhosis?

We all know that liver cirrhosis is a kind of severe diseases and those who often stay up late can develop liver cirrhosis.

Nowadays, people's living style and living environment do great harm to liver. Working overtime, reading a book, KTV and so on make staying up late become common like potluck. And all the above can affect the mood and the peace of life, so staying up late does harm to liver health. It's clinically proven that staying up late is the cause of most liver diseases besides infection and genetic factor. Heavy workload and study stress can make people feel tired. Along with lack of sleep, people can gradually show symptoms in liver.

When the total sleeping hour of patients is less than 4 hours, the immune system function is about to decrease 50%. If patients with liver cirrhosis do not sleep during 3 o'clock and 7 o'clock, their immune cells' mobility can decrease about 31%. When patients with liver cirrhosis have enough, however, their immune system can recover totally. Therefore, sleeping would be the best medicine to protect liver. Lack of sleep can affect liver cirrhosis patients' metabolic function and lead to malnutrition. While a good sleep can decrease energy consumption which does help to recover.

When liver cirrhosis patients are in upright position, their livers' blood flow is 40% less than in lying position. And when there is still movement, the blood flow is 80% to 85% less. When the liver's blood flow decreases, it can directly affect liver's nutrition and oxygen supply. It is right to let liver cirrhosis patients stay in bed, but excessive staying in bed and long-time sleeping can instead tax patients' mental burden, affect regulatory function of internal organs and brain.

Staying in bed can increase liver's blood flow which make liver have more blood, oxygen and recover liver cells. Most patients with fatty liver have symptoms of insomnia, fatigue, emotional instability and so on. Therefore, during the treatment for fatty liver patients, especially those with severe fatty liver, the importance of sleeping should be emphasized.

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