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Nursing Care: Liver cirrhosis & Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the common complications of liver cirrhosis. Both diabetes and liver cirrhosis are chronic diseases. Liver cirrhosis can lead to glucose metabolic disorders; in contrast, diabetes can cause the decrease of hepatic glycogen. That’s to say, liver cirrhosis and diabetes affect each other. Therefore, timely treatment and nursing care is of great importance.

1.Distinguish between Hepatic Coma and Hypoglycemic Coma

Patients with liver cirrhosis have liver dysfunction, so their livers’ ability to detoxify is not strong, which can lead to the increase of blood ammonia. In that case, liver cirrhosis patients will appear hepatic coma. Liver cirrhosis patients with diabetes are likely to appear hypoglycemia reaction because of insufficient hepatic glycogen. When patients have symptoms of dizziness, fatigue, palpitation and numbness, they should test blood sugar value and supplement sugar as soon as possible. Distinguishing from hepatic coma, patients with hypoglycemic coma should first deal with hypoglycemia reaction and then do coma treatment.

2.Rational Drug Use

It’s forbidden to take oral hypoglycemic drug, because it does great damage to liver. Insulin can not only decrease blood sugar effectively, but also do help to liver cells’ repair. Patients must use insulin according to doctors’ advice.

3.Diet Therapy

Diet therapy is the basic way of controlling blood glucose and improving liver function. Liver cirrhosis patients with diabetes should control both total heat and staple food. If patients take too much sugar, it will burden pancreas islet. In order to reduce liver and pancreas islet’s burden, patients should eat more meals with less once. Besides, alcohol, tobacco, spicy food, hard food and cold food should be absolutely forbidden. It is advised to eat digestive food with low sugar, low fat and high protein. Meanwhile, patients should adjust diet structure and insulin dose according to blood glucose testing result.

4. Prevent Infection

Liver cirrhosis patients with diabetes have symptoms of dry skin, edema and weak immune system. Therefore, patients should pay attention to oral hygiene and skin hygiene. They should wear soft underwear and cut short nails. Besides, patients should do air sterilization regularly to prevent infection.

5. Psychological Nursing

Both liver cirrhosis and diabetes are chronic diseases, which mean patients will take long-term treatment. It is the often case that patients show anxiety, feel passive and pessimistic. So patients should receive psychological nursing. We should talk more with patients and let them keep a positive mood.

6. Living Guidance

It is necessary for patients and their family members to master liver cirrhosis and diabetes-relevant knowledge, because self nursing can sometimes work. For example, we should learn to test blood glucose and inject insulin. Patients should work properly, avoid heavy work, live regular and keep a good mood.

In a word, the treatment for liver cirrhosis patients with diabetes is different from that for diabetesⅡ. Hypoglycemic Drugs is not the most vital part, but controlling and liver condition and improving liver function are foremost.

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