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Liver cirrhosis leads to abdominal distension

Patients with liver cirrhosis will have many complications because of severe liver dysfunction. Abdominal distension is one of those common complications. The following are several causes of abdominal distension:

Abnormal bile secretion. Usually patients with liver cirrhosis show abnormal bile secretion which will affect pancreatic secretion function of digestive fluid. When digestive enzyme content in bile and pancreatic juice decreases, it will directly affect the digestive absorption of food, especially fat and protein. Gradually, it causes abdominal distension.

Hypopotassemia. Less food-intake, diarrhea and diuretic all can lead to hypopotassemia. When the potassium concentration in blood is low, it will slow down the gastrointestinal movement and then induce abdominal distension.

Ascites. Ascites is the most serious cause of abdominal distension. In the middle and late stage of liver cirrhosis, ascites will aggravate because of metabolic disorder.

Also there are many other causes of abdominal distension, such as portal hypertension, gastrointestinal blood clogged, mesenteric gore, and edema and so on.

Therefore, liver cirrhosis patients should avoid eating food which can produce gas, such as honey, leek, onion, radish, bean, celery, sweet potato and so on. Meanwhile, patients should improve liver function and treat abdominal distension according to the cause.

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