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End-stage cirrhosis and Bone Marrow Stem Cell Transplantation

Bone marrow stem cells are the major extrahepatic source of liver cells, bone marrow stem cells can break down into liver cells in certain circumstance. So bone marrow stem cell can do great help to recover liver function and treat end-stage cirrhosis.

Patients with end-stage liver cirrhosis often have edema, jaundice, ascites, infections and other symptoms of liver failure. The traditional treatments cannot cure the advanced liver cirrhosis. Orthotopic liver transplantation ( OLT) is an ideal way of treating advanced liver cirrhosis, but the lack of donor, immunological rejection caused by OLT and high treatment costs limit the application of OLT. As the replacement of OLT, hepatocellular transplantation and bioartificial liver also have their own limits.

Collecting end-stage liver cirrhosis patients' bone marrow stem cells to be donor, and then transplant the bone marrow stem into body after being isolated and purified outside body. In that way, stem cells can grow into functional liver cells and help recover liver function.

After transplantation, liver cirrhosis patients' prothrombin time and fibrinogen will gradually turn to the normal condition. The liver function of end-stage liver cirrhosis patients will have obvious changes, the ALT and hematoidin value will significantly reduce. Eight weeks after transplantation, the blood parameter of patients with advanced liver cirrhosis can be back to normal. After transplantation, end-stage liver cirrhosis patients will see significant improvement in edema, fatigue, abdominal distension, ascites and other symptoms.

Bone marrow stem cells transplantation brings light to end-stage liver cirrhosis patients. It is a ideal way of treating liver cirrhosis from the root. What's more, there is no immunological rejection and few symptoms. End-stage liver cirrhosis patients' life quality has been improved. Bone marrow stem cells transplantation is still in research and has space to improve.

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