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Primary Liver Cancer

Primary liver cancer is one of the most common digestive system malignant tumors. Primary liver cancer strongly threats patients’ health and life. There are about more than 600000 people developing liver cancer and men have higher incidence rate than women. Commonly, liver cancer is caused by liver cirrhosis. In Europe, long-term alcohol intake is the main cause of liver cirrhosis. While in other countries, liver cancer is mainly caused by hepatitis C and B. Also mildew food and water pollution can lead to liver cirrhosis. Besides, various pathogenic factors can interact with each other, in that case it will strong increase liver cirrhosis and liver cancer.

Primary liver cancer can be divided into cholangiocarcinoma, hepatocellular carcinoma and mixed liver cancer. Hepatocellular carcinoma accounts for more than 90% of primary liver cancer.

It is common that patients with liver cancer have no obvious symptoms, especially for those in early stage. Some liver cancer patients have symptoms similar with that of liver cirrhosis, such as fatigue, lack of power and upper abdominal discomfort. But when liver cancer patients can feel the tumor in abdominal and ache, they have missed the best treatment time.

Treatments for Liver Cancer

The main treatments for liver cancers are operation (liver transplantation and resection), radiofrequency ablation, drug, targeted therapy, intervention and so on. In recent years, targeted therapy develops rapidly in cancer treatment. For liver cancer, sorafenilbtosylate is the main therapy which can resist tumor growth and improve life quantity.

Unlike other cancer, the treatment for liver cancer includes not only tumor but also hepatic lesions. The treatment for liver cancer varies from patient to patient, which is also called individual treatment. Besides, no matter what kind of treatment you have, taking YHK or DTS(For details please click here.) can relieve the pain and improve immune system.

Attentions after Operation

Just like other cancers, patients with liver cancer also have the problem of recurrence and metastasis after operation. Therefore, liver cancer patients must following doctor’s advice to have regular checkup after operation. Usually, in the first two years after operation, liver cancer patients should have body checkup every three months; two years after operation, patients can have body checkup every six months.

Unlike other cancers, patients with liver cancer should also decide whether to have liver protection and antiviral treatment according to their separate liver condition and virus check result.

Prevention of Liver Cancer

For high risk group of liver caner, they should do regular checkup. What’s more, patients with liver cirrhosis should keep a good living habit and prevent liver cancer in advance.

Patients with hepatitis B and C should have necessary liver protection and antiviral treatment to prevent deteriorating. Meanwhile, patients should give up smoking, drinking, staying up late and other bad living style. Living regularly, keeping a good mood, adjusting dietary structure and having more exercise can help prevent from liver cancer and other cancers as well.

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