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Diet for Patients with Liver Cirrhosis

Patients with liver cirrhosis have a poor appetite because of low digestive function, so healthy diet and well-balanced nutrition is the key for liver cirrhosis treatment. According to various complications and liver impairment degree, patients with liver cirrhosis have their diverse restriction on diet. But all patients with liver cirrhosis have similar rules for healthy diet. Please pay attention to the following points:

Notes One: Patients with liver cirrhosis should eat in a regular time with fixed quantity. Liver cirrhosis patients have low digestive function, so patients should have more meals but less food each. Especially when patients have ascites, they must eat less food. Besides, patients with liver cirrhosis cannot eat overheated food in case of hemorrhage.

Notes Two:In compensated cirrhosis stage, patients with liver cirrhosis must supplement protein. The increase of protein in blood cannot only prevent fatty liver, but also has effect on liver cells’ recovery and regeneration. Liver cirrhosis should eat more food rich in protein, such as fish, dairy products, lean meat, etc. However, patients should avoid eating too much protein once because it can cause side effects.

Note Three: Commonly, patients with liver cirrhosis lack zinc and magnalium, so food rich in zinc and magnalium is recommended. Lean meat, eggs, fish, apple, peanut, agarics are foods rich in zinc and magnalium.

Note Four: The following are foods which are forbidden: hard foods, beer, alcohol, purine, pickles, fried food, dessert and foods contain artificial pigments and additives.

Note Five: Vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, peas and beans are rich in vegetable fiber. These vegetables have good effect on detoxication, so patients with liver cirrhosis should often eat them.

Note Six: Liver cirrhosis patients with ascites and edema symptoms should ensure low-sodium diets. The daily salt intake should be controlled within 2 g.

Note Seven: Please Do Not take any drug which does damage to liver.

Note Eight: Drinking honey water is a good choice for liver cirrhosis patients with constipation symptom. Honey cannot only help expel the wastes from the body, but also prevent hepatic coma.

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