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Liver Cirrhosis and Infection

Patients with liver cirrhosis have low immunity, so they are more likely to be infected with various virus. The infected liver cirrhosis patients have a higher mortality and lower life quality.

After infection, if patients mistake some improper antibiotics, that will further damage liver function. So patients with liver cirrhosis should be careful while choosing antibiotics.

The common infections of liver cirrhosis patients are Spontaneous bacterial peritonitis ( SBP), bacteremia, urinary tract infection ( UTI) and tuberculosis.

Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis ( SBP)

The cure rate of SBP is between 70% to 90%, and the recurrence rate of SBP within one year is 30% to 70%. The most effective drugs for SBP is the third-generation cephamycin, and it is also the most widely used antibiotic.

Urinary tract infection ( UTI)

Patients with liver cirrhosis often has symptoms of UTI. And the female patients are at higher risk. Please receive treatment according to doctor's advice.


70% of hospitalized patients with liver cirrhosis are infected with gram-negative bacteria. Patients with bacteremia often have infections in many organs and show some acute symptoms of infection. If there is any sign, please take the patients to hospital to have blood test. Once confirmed, patients should receive relevant treatment as soon as possible.

Symptoms of bacteremia:

1.Sudden high fever, usually 40℃ to 41 ℃. Or low fever with rapid development.
2.Headache,dizziness, vomiting and sometimes conscious disturbance.
3.The increase of heart rate, tachypnea or even dyspnea.
4.Hepatosplenomegaly, jaundice and subcutaneous hemorrhage.

Tuberculosis.If liver cirrhosis patients are infected with tuberculosis in non-metabolic period, it is very dangerous. Lung has a higher risk of infecting tuberculosis than other organs. It needs long-term drug taken to treat tuberculosis, which will damage liver a lot. Please be carefully while choosing drugs.

Long-term hospitalized patients with liver cirrhosis should supplement necessary nutrition such as protein and so on. In the same time, patients should increase immunity, recover liver function and strengthen ability to resist infection.

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