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The Treatment of Hepatitis C

Among all the treatments for hepatitis C, interferon therapy is the most common one.Research shows that the key of successful treatment for hepatitis C depends on whether patients can persist in interferon therapy or not.

But the interferon treatment has lots of side effects, so how to prevent and deal with the side effects brought by interferon treatment is of great importance in improving treatment effectiveness. The decrease of leukocyte and blood platelet is the most common side effects caused by interferon therapy.

Even at the hospital which is known as the leading edge treatment for the hepatitis C just put the medicine of strong SNMC and URSO without any reason for the patients who are not effective with the Interferon. With these backgrounds, since 20 years ago Japanese patients have gradually started to take YHK for reducing the side effects of interferon therapy.

YHK's effect:
*Effectively repair impaired hepatocyte membrane.
*Reducing the side effects of drug.
*Make ALT/AST value back to normal quickly.(It is quite possible that liver cirrhosis and hepatitis develop to liver cancer if patients cannot control the value of ALT/AST well.)

In addition, if the patients with hepatitis C take some foods which can help to resist the side effects of the treatments and improve immunity, during the process of interferon treatment, it will gain unexpected effects.

By now there hasn’t any vaccine for hepatitis C, so everyone get the equal chance of infecting hepatitis C virus. But why some are not infected with hepatitis C virus? Why some patients with hepatitis C completely recover without any treatments? These all have something to do with individual immune system.

The following are some advices on how to improve human immunity in the treatment of hepatitis C:

1.Good Sleep. Having a good sleep can not only increase the leukocyte count and make macrophages active but also strengthen liver’s detoxifying function.
2.An Optimistic Mood. Huge pressure can lead to the increase of the hormones which have resisting function to human immune system. Limiting the Intake of Alcohol.
3.Doing Exercise. If patients with hepatitis C can do exercise for 30 to 45 minutes everyday, their number of immune cells can increase and their resistibility to diseases improves as well after continuous 12 weeks.
4.Foods which can help enhance immunity.

Glossy Ganoderma

Glossy ganoderma can enhance human immunity because it contains components which can resist cancer. It can speed up human metabolism, defer cells’ senility and induce human to produce interferon to resist cancer.

Fresh Radish
Fresh radish is rich in interferon derivant.

Royal Jelly
Royal jelly can improve human immunity and accommodate incretion. Besides, it contains bee lactate which has the function of preventing cancer.

Mushrooms such as monkey head mushroom, straw mushroom and so on all have the function of enhancing immunity.

Lentinus edodes
Lentinus edodes contain lentinan which can improve human immunity.

  • Liver dysfunction
  • liver cirrhosis, NASH, fatty liver, hepatitis
  • Patients with liver diseases troubled by the side effects of drugs
I was infected with hepatitis C and then it developed to liver cirrhosis.I started to take YHK in 2006, after one week, my ALT and AST values began to decrease. In Dec, I stopped the injection treatment.YHK help me a lot..
I’m a liver cirrhosis patient. I was hospitalized three times within three years and the doctor told me that the prognosis was bad.Then my friend strongly recommended me to take YHK. After taking YHK, my liver function turned better, and the jaundice disappeared as well.
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