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Can Patients with Liver Cirrhosis Drink Milk?

Besides necessary treatments, patients with liver cirrhosis should also pay special attention to their diet in daily life. It's forbidden to drink milk with too much sugar. Patients with liver cirrhosis can drink some yogurt, other dairy products and milk replacer, because the lactose inside has been decomposed into galactose and glucose which do help to liver cirrhosis patients.

Experts suggest, however, liver cirrhosis patients should notice the following while drinking milk:

1. Avoid concentrated milk. The sodium content in milk is twice as much as that in human body. Drinking concentrated milk can increase liver cirrhosis patients' sodium content. Once increased, it can cause constipation, rise blood pressure and patients even appear symptoms of hyperspasmia, coma and so on.

2. Avoid too much sugar. Adding sugar into milk can improve taste, but it's not healthy to drink too much sugar, especially for liver cirrhosis patients. Too much sugar can decrease calcium absorption and reduce the nutritional value of milk. Commonly, 5 to 8 g sugar per 100ml milk is enough. Besides, brown sugar is absolutely forbidden. That's because brown sugar is high in oxalate which can disturb the protein absorption.

3. Don't drink more milk. It's better that liver cirrhosis patients drink less than 600ml milk everyday. Overdrinking milk can lead to hypocalcemia.

4. Avoid mixed with rice-water. Some patients with liver cirrhosis wrongly identify that mix rice-water with milk can increase nutrition. Rather, lipoxidase in rice-water can destroy vitamin A in milk.

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