YHK enhances and normalizes liver function, it is ideal for all liver disease patients.Made in Japan.
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YHK's effect
YHK has wonderful effects on recovering and repairing liver
function including cirrhosis, fatty liver, NASH, hepatitis B,C.When the hepatocyte membrane is destroyed by virus, alcohol, drugs and so on, the enzymes (ALT and AST) in liver cells will leak out. At this time, YHK can quickly and effectively repair impaired hepatocyte membrane and resist inflammation.YHK can make ALT value back to normal within one month.
*It is quite possible that liver cirrhosis and hepatitis develop to liver cancer if patients cannot control the value of ALT/AST well.
*The value of ALT/AST getting back to normal doesn’t mean the liver diseases are cured, but it can greatly relieve related symptoms, such as loss of appetite, insomnia, fatigue and so on.
*YHK has the advantage of anti-fibrosis, so it is effective reverse early liver cirrhosis and hepatic fibrosis caused by chronic hepatitis.
Side Effects Prevention
YHK is a novel herbal compound, but a type of medication.YHK does not have any side effects. Although it can make liver cells recover better and make liver strong. The natural ingredients make YHK a type of supplement. Therefore it can be used together with other medication and drugs, for example: Interferon.
Liver is a very important organ which processes food and drugs etc. Some drugs can cause side effects. And YHK Therapy can help liver to reduce the side effects caused by drugs and medications.
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YHK Ingredients
YHK Tablets are made from a variety of natural plants. These natural plants contain more then 20 different confirmed active ingredients, including Ginsenosides, Saponin, Flavonoids, Alkaloid, Amino acids, Lignans, Glucopyranoside, Gutta-percha, geniposidic acid, Pinoresinol diglucoside, Pectin, Glycyrrhizic acid, Coumarin, Flavonoid, Choline, Sterol, Asparagine, Polygonaquinone and Aspartic acid.
Normal Pack
60 tablets/box (0.25g × 60tablets) JPY 18,000
180 tablets/box (0.25g ×180tablets) JPY 51,000
1 USD ≈120 JPY
The recommend dosage of YHK is 2~6 tablets per day depending on liver condition.
YHK comes in a small tablets form, brown colour, about 8mm height and 5mm in thickness, weight 0.25g.
Take 1-2 tablets at a time up to 3 times a day with a glass of water.
You can take it anytime in your convenience.
The dosage can be adjusted depending on results.
YHK can be alternated to DTS.
  YHK DTS Remarks
GPT(ALT)abnormal 3~4tablets/day After one month,check GPT(ALT)
GPT(ALT)become normal 2~3tablets/day 4~12tablets/day Patients can adjust the dosage according to the ALT values.
Maintain healthy liver 1~2tablets/day 4~8tablets/day

Storage method (YHK,DTS )
Keep in a dry, cool place avoiding direct sunlight
After opening, please take them at your earliest convenience
Quality Control
YHK focuses on Quality, Safety and Effects. Since launching into markets, YHK has received many supports from various patients with liver diseases.
Besides, YHK is registered with FDA and its manufacturing process is strictly under the GMP benchmarks in factories with ISO 9001 certificate.
Kyotsu Jigyo, Inc. is the manufacturer and the distributor of YHK, DTS. They have strict quality control in every manufacturing processes, from raw materials collections through to products packaging.
All raw materials are required to go throught a quailty check by the suppier, their origin are checked before it is issued with a “Quality Certificate”.
Quality Check is then carried out, making use that all ingredients is safe, passing the relevant laws in Japan. Such as the “Health Promotion Law of Food Sanitation Law”, “Phamaceutical Affairs Law”, along with other securety checks.
All of our products has also obtained permission from the U.S. FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration), allowing to sale within the United States.
  • Liver dysfunction
  • liver cirrhosis, NASH, fatty liver, hepatitis
  • Patients with liver diseases troubled by the side effects of drugs
I was infected with hepatitis C and then it developed to liver cirrhosis.I started to take YHK in 2006, after one week, my ALT and AST values began to decrease. In Dec, I stopped the injection treatment.YHK help me a lot..
I’m a liver cirrhosis patient. I was hospitalized three times within three years and the doctor told me that the prognosis was bad.Then my friend strongly recommended me to take YHK. After taking YHK, my liver function turned better, and the jaundice disappeared as well.
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