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Can Liver Cirrhosis Patients Eat Seafood?

Patients with liver cirrhosis can eat seafood, but in right amount. However, if patients have symptoms of bleeding tendency or coagulation disorders, they cannot eat seafood. The concrete causes are presented below:

Eating a lot of seafood can decrease platelet aggregation and prolong the time of blood clotting, because some seafood, especially fish oil, contains timnodonic acid and other harmful substances.

Seafood is rich in unsaturated fattyacid which can effectively prevent atherosclerosis. Besides, some seafood also contains anti-caner and anti-tumor substances. For example, algal polysaccharides contained in seafood is widely used in preventing cancer; both chitin contained in crabs and glycoprotein contained in clam shellfish have great effects on anticancer; stichopus japonicus sekenka and saponin contained in sea cucumber also work in preventing cancer and tumor. Therefore, patients with liver cirrhosis can properly eat some seafood to prevent liver cancer.

Seafood is not only rich in inorganic salt and microelements, but also the major source of high quality animal protein. Most seafood contain less connective tissue, so seafood are easy to digest and absorb. Patient with liver cirrhosis have low ability to compound protein and malnutrition of different degrees which is not suitable for the recover and rebirth of liver cells. Therefore, liver cirrhosis patients can eat seafood in right amount if patients' conditions allow.

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