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Be Careful: Smoking Can Accelerate Hepatic Fibrosis

Scientists show that hepatic fibrosis is closely related to smoking.Recently, French scientists has found out that the degree of hepatic fibrosis increases with the daily smoking. That's to say smoking can accelerate hepatic fibrosis. Research has also showed that smoking is more common among patients with severe hepatic fibrosis compared with those with light hepatic fibrosis.

It is still not clear the way smoking affecting hepatic fibrosis, but it's now commonly thought that cigarettes contain plenty of hepatic toxic substances such as nicotine which can activate cytokines including IL-1, IL-6, IL-13, TNF-α and some intermediate products. All these can cause systemic inflammatory response, thrombosis, peroxidation and so on.

Smoking cannot only accelerate chronic liver diseases patients' liver inflammation, affect treatment effect, but also strength alcohol's bad effects on liver, help develop liver cirrhosis to liver cancer. If patients still smoke after liver transplantation, it can easily affect kidney and cardiovascular and increase the complications of blood vessel, such as hepatic artery thrombosis. Evidence has showed that smoking is an evitable factors among many factors affecting chronic liver diseases. Therefore, patients with chronic liver diseases should not only stop drinking but also quit smoking.

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