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Liver Cirrhosis regenerative therapy can reverse fibrosis.

If cirrhosis fibrosis progression can be curbed, which now represents the highest level of medical technology.It has been shown that bone marrow cells are growed in the liver, a part of the cells can converted into liver cells in liver, and reversed liver fibrosis.

Japan Shibuya industrial and Yamaguchi University’s jointly study results:Liver cell regeneration therapy.Objective of the study: After local anesthesia, bone marrow cells were separated from the cirrhosis patient's bone marrow fluid , cultured bone marrow cells and administered to the patient.
In general case, a large amount of bone marrow fluid (about 400 ml) under general anesthesia are collected,implementation for patients with weak physical strength was so difficult,the new technologies only need 30ml bone marrow fluid and local anesthesia.bone marrow cells were grown by culturing in a sterile environment,then administered to the patien.We can detect continuous regeneration of liver cells,and hepatic fibrosis has also been improved.

Now, private hospitals in Okinawa and Yamagata, or the National Medical Research Center(Tokyo), Clinical Research of regenerative therapy using the bone marrow have been made, the treatment has begun overseas.For example :Brazil and South Korea, Egypt, and the United Kingdom .

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I was infected with hepatitis C and then it developed to liver cirrhosis.I started to take YHK in 2006, after one week, my ALT and AST values began to decrease. In Dec, I stopped the injection treatment.YHK help me a lot..
I’m a liver cirrhosis patient. I was hospitalized three times within three years and the doctor told me that the prognosis was bad.Then my friend strongly recommended me to take YHK. After taking YHK, my liver function turned better, and the jaundice disappeared as well.
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