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Initial Symptoms of Liver Cirrhosis & Diagnosis

In the preliminary stage of liver cirrhosis (also called compensated stage), liver is still active to rebirth capacity of organization, so patients with liver cirrhosis in metabolic stage have a few symptoms which can also be confused with symptoms of chronic liver diseases. Therefore, it’s hard to diagnose liver cirrhosis by initial symptoms. We, hence, should pay special attention to the following initial symptoms of liver cirrhosis and go to the doctor as soon as possible.

The initial symptoms of liver cirrhosis:

1.Impaired appetite. Having no appetite is the typical symptoms of initial liver cirrhosis.

2.Weight loss. When people have digestive disturbances, they will lose weight.

3.Malaise, fatigue. This is also an obvious symptom of initial liver cirrhosis.

4.Face Turns Black. About one third of liver cirrhosis patients’ faces, hands and feet turn black. That’s because when the liver function is in disorder, the melanin increases.

5.Stomachache, Abdominal distention and Diarrhea.

6.Pain. Patients with liver cirrhosis often feel pain around liver especially when they are fatigue.

7.Abnormal bleeding. The liver dysfunction can lead to nose and gum bleed.

8.Endocrine dysfunction. Spider angioma is the important sign of liver cirrhosis.

Check up & Diagnosis

Liver cirrhosis should be diagnosed and treated as early as possible, because early liver cirrhosis can be effectively cured by active treatment. But if it turns to the late stage of liver cirrhosis, patients will have a series of complications, such as jaundice, ascites, hepatic coma and gastrointestinal bleeding, then the treatment will be very difficult.

1.Liver Biopsy. We can clearly know the congenital hepatic fibrosis degree and structure of nodule by liver biopsy.

2.Ultrasonic Wave. In the initial stage of liver cirrhosis, we can check the hepatomegaly degree by ultrasonic wave.

3.Blood Test. The values of HA, LN, PIIIP and CIV can be the basis of liver cirrhosis diagnosis.

In recent years, the mortality of liver cirrhosis has the obvious trend of escalation. Once diagnosed liver cirrhosis, please do liver cells fibrosis treatment at the earliest convenience. In that case, the complications of liver cirrhosis can be avoided.

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