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Treatments for Liver Cirrhosis

Appropriate treatment can relieve liver cirrhosis patients’ pain to the greatest extent because of liver’s high regeneration ability. Especially liver cirrhosis developed from chronic hepatitis, the patients are much more likely to be cured. However, improper treatments can worsen the condition as well. Only if we know the right treatment for liver cirrhosis, can we truly help patients with liver cirrhosis. Then, how to treat liver cirrhosis?

Common Treatments for Liver Cirrhosis
1. Support therapy. Patients with liver cirrhosis can supplement heat by intravenous infusion with hypertonic glucose solution. Besides, we can add vitamin C, insulin and potassium chloride in transfusion to balance water, acid-base and electrolyte. Albumin and fresh plasma can also be used for liver cirrhosis patients in serious condition.
2. Patients with hepatitis should have liver protection, get rid of jaundice and lowering ALT treatment.
3. Taking oral medications which can reduce portal pressure.
4. Supplementing Vitamin B and digestive enzyme.
5. The treatment for hypersplenism. Patients with liver cirrhosis can take medicines which can increase white blood cells and blood platelet. Splenectomy and splenic embolization are also advised if necessary.
6. The treatment for ascites. Please click here for more information.
7. The surgical treatment for portal hypertension. Please click here for more information.
8. Liver transplantation. When patients with liver cirrhosis have the following symptoms, such as irreversible ascites, portal hypertension, gastrointestinal bleeding, serious liver function impairment, hepatorenal syndrome and hepatic encephalopathy, they should do the liver transplantation as soon as possible.
9. SCT (stem cell transplantation). SCT is the best way of liver cirrhosis treatment. Compared with organ transplantation, SCT doesn’t have the problem of immunological rejection. SCT treatment is suitable for all the patients with liver cirrhosis except for patients with coagulation disorders and haemophilia.

Treatments for HBV Cirrhosis
1.HBV Cirrhosis in compensated Stage. Our goals are to avoid liver cirrhosis patients in compensated stage progress to decompensated stage and avoid hepatoCellular carcinoma. Along with long-term treatment, liver cirrhosis patients in this stage should also take YHK and Nucleoside analogues to enhance the treatment effects. YHK can help recover liver function, prevent liver from fibrosis and improve immunity. What’s more, YHK does not have any side effect. Patients with liver cirrhosis should consider carefully before taking interferon, because it has lots of side effects. If it is necessary, patients should take amounts gradually.
2. HBV Cirrhosis in Decompensated Stage. It’s advised to start nucleoside analogues anti-virus treatment to improve liver function. Also YHK is strongly recommended. Interferon treatment can lead to hepatic failure, so let liver cirrhosis patients in decompensated stage away from this treatment.

Hepatitis C Cirrhosis
In order to stabilize patients’ condition, delay hepatic failure and prevent HCC and other complications, anti-virus treatment is strongly suggested. In the same time, taking YHK can enhance the treatment effects. click here for more details of YHK

Treatments for Liver Cirrhosis’s Complications
Please see home page for details.
Liver is closely related to mood. Bad mood, depression, anger and excitation all can affect liver function and worsen the condition. Therefore, keeping a good mood does great help to improve liver condition. Liver cirrhosis patients should stay in bed when they have hypohepatia and ascites. While when the condition is stable, liver cirrhosis patients are advised to have some light work and proper outdoor activities.
It’s hard to accept the fact that patients do have liver cirrhosis, patients often feel disappointed. In that case, please do let liver cirrhosis patients have psychotherapy or other necessary help.
If it comes to the late stage of liver cirrhosis, liver transplantation and liver cells transplantation are the only choices. But liver cirrhosis patients should consider the high cost of transplantation, talk to your doctor for professional advice.

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