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Liver Cirrhosis and Vitamins

When people develop liver cirrhosis, their necrotic liver cells replace normal liver cells and the liver function is decreased. In that case, liver do not have the ability to absorb various vitamins. What’s more, liver cannot use vitamins compounded by other organs anymore.

Therefore, patients should eat some vegetables and fruits everyday. But these cannot satisfy the need. Now, patients with liver cirrhosis should supplement some vitamins properly, such as vitamin B1, B2, B6, B13, vitamin C, Vitamin AD, vitamin E, vitamin K and folic acid. It’s better to take vitamins according to doctor’s advice.

Vitamin C is necessary for liver’s normal function. Vitamin C can help promote cell metabolism, strength hematopoietic function, stimulate the absorption of vitamin B13, decrease blood fat, treat fatty liver and so on. Meanwhile, vitamin C can help stop the compound of carcinogenic substances and recover liver function.

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I was infected with hepatitis C and then it developed to liver cirrhosis.I started to take YHK in 2006, after one week, my ALT and AST values began to decrease. In Dec, I stopped the injection treatment.YHK help me a lot..
I’m a liver cirrhosis patient. I was hospitalized three times within three years and the doctor told me that the prognosis was bad.Then my friend strongly recommended me to take YHK. After taking YHK, my liver function turned better, and the jaundice disappeared as well.
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