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YHK effective: the treatment of Hepatitis C

Tomeikai Medical Corp. , Harada Hospital

Masayoshi Harada, Noboru Yanaihara, F. Marotta, Ichirou Yoshijima, Hideyuki Shimizu, Katsumasa Hosokawa, Yoshitaka Tsuji, Yoshiaki Harada, Sha Shin Han

In Japan, the death rate from the liver cancer is increasing year by year and now the statistics show that it is ranked the third for the man and the fourth for the women out of all liver cancer.
The occurrence rate for the liver cancer from the hepatitis type C has three times more than that of the hepatitis type B. At present, the Interferon is the effective medicine for the hepatitis type C, however, 70 % of Japanese is sero-type 1 and 30% for sero-type 11 and the Interferon is not so effective for the sero-type 1 which has 70% shares in Japan.
Even at the hospital which is known as the leading edge treatment for the hepatitis type C just put the medicine of strong SNMC and URSO without any reason for the patients who are not effective with the Interferon.
With these backgrounds, we have started to give the Yojyo Hen Shi Ko (health foods) to the patients to study its effect since several years ago.

Objective and clinical cases:
We have given the Yojyo Hen Shi Ko (Denshichi, Denshichi-Tochusei, Ousei, Licorice) to 195 cases including 180 cases (92%) of viral liver diseases, 7 cases (4%) for alcoholic liver diseases, 6 cases (3%) for fatty liver, and 2 cases for auto immune diseases (1%) from April 1998 to June 2001 and examined and observed the progress of the liver function before and after the dosages.
The following items are measured.
1. Biochemorphic examination for the liver function
2. Blood test
3. Virus volume (HBV-DNA)
4. Collagen type 4
5. CT, echo, etc.
Further, the general observations were conducted on the ages, sexes, clinical recordings until the dosages of Yojyo Hen Shi Ko, terms of dosages, daily dosages, effects, and side effects etc.

For almost all 195 cases of the various types of the patients of the liver diseases, the GPT level has decreased down to the normal level in 10-14 days.
As the future research issues, the following issues are to be examined.
1. Side effects
2. Combination dosages of Yojyo Hen Shi Ko with Interferon, specifically, before and after the dosages for specially the patients of hepatitis type C.
3. Study for biomicroscopy cases

  • Liver dysfunction
  • liver cirrhosis, NASH, fatty liver, hepatitis
  • Patients with liver diseases troubled by the side effects of drugs
I was infected with hepatitis C and then it developed to liver cirrhosis.I started to take YHK in 2006, after one week, my ALT and AST values began to decrease. In Dec, I stopped the injection treatment.YHK help me a lot..
I’m a liver cirrhosis patient. I was hospitalized three times within three years and the doctor told me that the prognosis was bad.Then my friend strongly recommended me to take YHK. After taking YHK, my liver function turned better, and the jaundice disappeared as well.
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